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WARNING: This product contains nicotin. Nicotin is an addictive chemical.

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Binaries Vape Disposable
The HorizonTech Binaries Cabin disposable vape

is the first disposable device ever to feature a dual mesh coil (binary)

and an incredible 20ML capacity juice reservoir.

An adjustable airflow on the base of the unit

lets you change it to your liking the

way the Binary Cabin hits. If that’s not enough,

a USB Type-C charger input allows you to quickly

recharge the 650mah battery.

Each puff from the Horizon Binaries Cabin simultaneously

passes through two coils at once creating better,

smoother vapor as well as creating redundancy in the event of a dropped/bad coil.

The Core system extracts more salt nicotine liquid, more evenly,

satisfying nicotine cravings more efficiently and quickly.  Also,

when the Binaries Cabin is at almost

empty it still provides up to 80% flavor,

versus others that quickly fade in flavor

production as they reach the end of their life.
Key Product Features:

Available in 3% (30mg) only
Puff Count: 10,000
E-Liquid Capacity: 20mL
USB-C Rechargeable (not included)

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