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WARNING: This product contains nicotin. Nicotin is an addictive chemical.


If you love disposable Elf Bar vapes as much as we do, you’d want to know everything about them. By disposable vapes, we are of course talking about only the most popular vape pods; Elf Bar. The Vapers World is back with more information about Elf Bars… and this time, we will be answering all your questions with an Elf Bars FAQ.

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What is an Elf Bar?

An Elf bar is a disposable vape device intended for use by over 21s. Pre-filled in a variety of flavor’s the elf bar is one of the most popular disposable vapes currently available in the US.
Simple to use with no set up you can start vaping straight away with no need to charge the battery or fill with e-liquid.
Available in 0mg and 50mg nicotine strengths the Elf bar has a 550mah battery and Mesh coil all in a discreet form for easy on the go vaping.


How long does it take to charge an Elf Bar?

The charge time varies per Elf Bar model. The general rule of thumb is 10-30 minutes, depending on the Elf Bar’s mAh rating and how depleted it is. The lowest mAh is in the shortest charge time, and the same with the highest. The average time for charging 650 mAh is approximately an 30min.
The Elfbar Bc5000 disposable will blink its indicator light when it needs to be charged, but if you charge before the indicator light blinks, it will obviously take less time than waiting until the battery is totally drained.

All rechargeable Elf Bar vapes have USB-C ports

As with most modern electronic devices, Elf Bar takes USB-C charge cords. USB-C charge cords are different than traditional micro-USB cords in that the plug is symmetrical and oval-shaped. Micro-USB cords have an asymmetrical shape with one flat side, which always seems to get inserted upside down on the first try. USB-C cords go in on the first try.

With all Huge Elf Bar rechargeable disposables, there’ll be a visible port for a USB-C cord, most often on the bottom of the device—not to be confused with an airflow hole.

The Elf Bar Ultra disposables don’t come with a charge cord, though. By now, most people have USB-C charge cords around. If not, you can pick one up from any store that sells electronics, even gas stations and drug stores.

As stated, charge the Elf Bar as you would any other small electronic device. All vapes, Elf Bars notwithstanding, are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Practice the same care as you usually do when handling small electronic devices with batteries and their respective power sources.

How Many Puffs Does an Elf Bar Have?

An Elf Bar puff count 5000 puffs before requiring replacement. It’s time to replace your Elf Bar if it no longer produces vapor when you puff – which indicates that it’s out of vape juice – or if the battery blinks when you puff, which indicates that the battery is dead you just need to charge it.


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